November 18, 2010

Olive you, hey you !

I can smile like pasta.

but i still wishing that someone can put some sugar in my coffee.

4 hari sebelum SPM.tak sampai seminggu pon...

You're the cheese to my macaronee

strive for excellent.strive for 9A+'s.

I hope you're the creamer to my Nescafe too.

I love you to the BITS ! means iloveyou alot :D

Mozzarella on my pizza ? or Cheddar ?
Chocolate rice on my cuppcake ?
Cucumber pickle in my McD doublecheeseburger ?
Thunder and lightning ? in my rainy days.
my rocket,
my PELANGI :) so that's you.

So olive you
And everything you do
What two words can mean
Afraid to say the other three
Olive you
The words are coming true
I don't know what to say
But olive you

Can't fight the feeling I feel inside

I try to tell you, but I always hide
The things you say like, "Want you to stay right here by my side"
Let the words slide

it's hard.Really.
"Ya Allah kenapa kau lahirkan rasa ini disaat aku tak bersedia untuk harunginya?"
Moga kesabaran itu ada nilainya dan
bahagia itu ganjarannya.aminnn, Insyaallah :)

- syahduuuuu T_T

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