March 12, 2013

Finger cross.

Decided to post this entry at 02:52am sebab i kenot selip.


So here we are in the second week of semester 2. Yay me yayyyyy.

So yay la sangat.

I kenot selip so i guess i'm going to post entry sampah which i actually don't know what to taip pun. Oh my manglish. Mhm mhm lemme think lemme think *frown*

Since i found gambar diatas ni dekat Tumblr so i'm gonna tell on how persevere i am setakat 2 weeks of my lessons here. *tangan dibahu mata keatas* ohhh so annoying bi***

Not so persevere sangat. Sebab awal sem belum ada quiz, test, assignment and so blablabla. but i oredy got project for my Information System Development subject. And need to send the proposal by Monday next week. Setakat ni tu jela yang merunsingkan kepala aku. Mhm

And alhamdulillah setakat ni everything seems like go with the flow. Belum ada lagi yang abnormal or getting out of track.

Roommates is fine. Classmates is going to be fine insyaallah. Lectures is pretty awesome. Life's pretty good which i'm sure its gonna be goodier than previous sem. Insyaallah, aminnn :D

I have faith that when we are positive, we can achieve almost everything that we want.

So lets have faith and lets spread the positive vibes to the world !

p/s: Promise to post pictures of me being superbly fine here in few days.

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