April 6, 2013


Pagi tadi I was having KI and explorace from 8.30am to 6pm. Damn so eff tired I can't even move my feet now. Seriously penat gila-gila-gila babs.

Maybe sebab lamaaaaa gila dah tak exercise. Lama gila tak keluar peluh as in definisi keluar peluh main game bukan sebab keluar peluh turun naik tangga pergi kelas. Pheww. Dahla today is my first day of the month and i'm having lenguh-lenguh kaki I almost cry sebab rasa mcm takboleh sangat nak lari-lari. Ohhh baby u're sooo mengada. Hiks

Thank God i have a good groupmate. And a handsome senior guy so I can cuci-cuci mata and being motivated lah (kononnya?) Hahaha

Soyeah were done and we didn't win the first place pun. I never kisah pun kalau dapat last place i'm okay sebab what truly matters when you got older is what you get from a program like this. Kalau benda last place camni pun nak jadi matter ohh please sayang you got many things lagi for you to fight for and kejar. Benda cani biar bebudak sekolah je yang buat semak kepala kay? 

And I see you there boy, why donchu spill out everything(if you have any about me) in your mind?
I'll listen to you donch worry.
I'm a good listener, I promise.

"Can you hold something for me, please?"
"My heart."

I don't know what's wrong but I think I've started to be such a sweet talker, again.

Muah muah. XOXO

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