April 20, 2013

Blame The Hormones and Whats w/ The Age Anyway?

Sekarang aku dah rasa blog ni tempat aku spill-whatever-crap-I-wish-I-ever-tell-to-someone. Sebab dulu jarang gila update. Jarang gila babs. Tapi sekarang sebab tooo many things going on in my head I decided to spill some here.

This is my another world.

The black hole.

I am so fucking messed up right now. Aku rasa uncontrollable. Tapi aku dah rasa relieve dah sikit. Banyak kot. Sebab i just call my best-fucking-friend and tell her everything. Yeah EVERYTHING you deaf retard. Hahahahahaha k  sorry im in the mood of cursing. Blame the hormones.

But I never meant what I said. Unless there was no sorry.

Girls. And you know they have pretty much of fucked up situations they think they can handle and hide the pain behind their adorable smile. And people never mind to see behind these eyes. Cuz they only focus on the obvious. Why state the obvious when you can obviously see it with your naked eye?

..........Krikk krikk

And I actually have a topic here....which requested by someone...yeah particular someone who needs a high-5 on her butt. Haha

So lets start with Rozita Che Wan dengan Zain Saidin. Got my point here? Hahahaha tipu la taktau.

Dulu aku rasa faktor umur ni kalau perempuan lagi tua oh please lah geli. (sbb imagine perempuan kerepot kapel dengan lelaki muda eww) tapi back to case Che Ta she even said dekat talkshow "Kalau lelaki muda kawan dengan wanita berusia nanti perangai diorang pun ikut sama lebih matang"

See? Theres one gooooood point here.

Lagipun people nowadays memang cepat matang (some of them) so tak susah pun nak telly kan pemikiran tu. Lagipun we live in the same era kan. Apalah yang berbeza sangat pun. We use the same Encik Google remember?

Another goooood point there. He he

Apparently the basic of a relationship is based on love and trust of both sides. Faktor umur tu benda kecik je rasanye. Rasanyalah hahaha

Benda jodoh ni pun memang dah ditetapkan so why we wanna argue about other couple's compatibility pun kan? As long as dia bahagia and tak menyusahkan kita its good lah.

"I'm not the one who fancy Mark Spencer's or Ted Baker's, cuz you're the one 
who makes my heart flutter"

Told cha i'm in the mood of Shakespeare. Teeheee

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