May 30, 2013

Moment of i-dont-know-where-this-will-lead-me-to

Heyya. Hepi holidays bebeh (for UiTM students only lah) mehehehe.

What a weirdo title btw kan? Idc but that what crossed my mind earlier. Maybe if you read what i will write later then u know why. Maybe lah. Cuz i always feels that i'm the one who likes to cakap pusing-pusing but then the only point to cerita is only at the end. Hihihi (Y)

For this few days dekat rumah can chu believe me that i didn't do any of my assignments yet. Nak buat past years punya questions lagilah. Padahal dekat dalam beg tu bawak je balik PYQ tapi tak bukak pun. To be exact TAK KELUARKAN LANGSUNG. Kalau zaman gua sekolah menengah dulu tu benda biasa ah bro tapi THIS IS UNI BEBEH ARE YOU CRAZYYYYYY YOU ARE TWENDYYYYYY AND YOUR FINALS IS GOING TO BE SOON!!!!

Yes. You are going to fail if you don't give efforts. 100% efforts.

Do you know why? donno. Yeah me too.

Seriously, idk why i've becoming this malas. Dulu pun malas je tak rajin pun hahaha but now its extra dextra textra malas to the level of Pluto. Malas nak tolong mak masak, malas nak kemas rumah, malas nak workout, malas here malas there malas everywhere but there's only one thing doesn't change - tak malas nak makan. Lagi selalu nak makan ada. Urgh stresss. And easy to get mad too

Plus, I feel like to sit in an empty box doing nothing, just play games. (Fun Run to be exact hahaha!). In my own words I can named this disorder as Lost-of-Enthusiasm for everything I used to love to do. Haha memandai aku je. But its true so true.

And this attitude is making me nervous. Very worrisome i tell ya. So decided to get some healings words from a friend, and this is what she gave,

Love the second one.
Thanks Syazana. Love chu to the moon and back. Muah muahh ;)

Kadang-kadang, imho, kita tak perasan kita dah off track. Kita tak perasan kita dah  berubah sikit ikut environment and new peoples around us. So we need something to trigger ourself that we need to get back on track. To move on. To not fear of the future.

And whats good about having best friends is they'll always remind you that you have Allah to turn to.

So harini I've decided to start doing my assignments which means after I post this hehe. And kalau sempat buat past year sikit, then tido. I already drank my 3in1 Nescafe yknowww siap tambah nescafe lebih lagi. Nampak tak niat dah ada tu oklah. hihihi. Wish me luck bebeh. My finals in 3 weeks time and i'm all ready for rayaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha kbai.

yexowyexow. <3>

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